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Merry Christmas To All Scout's

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Tuesday, June 16, 2009


On the 24th-25th of April 2009, the Tawau 28 Scout Contingent had represented the South East Zone to participate in the NGO Sabah State Level Marching Competition which was held in Sandakan. The contingent, consists of 37 were all male students and two teachers as coordinators (Mr Sejali Basri and Mr Lee Chee Kiong). In this year’s competition, our contingent was unfortunate. During the competition, a member of our team had accidentally kick a CONE and this incident made our team settle for the 4th place.

However, the spirit, teamwork and discipline that were shown by all the members are the values that we should be proud of. Not all of us can do that. Only those with mental and physical strength and patience could endure the daily training and during the trial competition.

As the teacher and coordinator of this team, I (Lee Chee Kiong) would like to take this opportunity to thank all parents, guardians and also the school’s PTA whom had given tremendous support to our team.

Marching participant South East Zone (Tawau) KRS & Scout Team

Tawau 28 Sea Scout (SM Holy Trinity, Tawau)

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